Established in 2014, El Toro Loco Churrascaria, a food truck in the greater Miami-Dade Area, quickly became one of the most talked about places in town. Loved by many food bloggers, famous chefs, sports and musical personalities alike, the buzz-worthy El Toro Loco changed the way people viewed food trucks, and the way they ate their meat! Far from “street food,” (only the best quality Angus and Prime cuts of meat are used) the staff prepares and cooks each of the customers’ selections to perfection in-house. The highly-experienced Grill Masters use a special Brazilian grill to perfectly sear Picanha, Churrasco, Lambchops, Lomo and other specialty meats to rare, medium-rare, medium, or even well done temperatures, satisfying each customer’s preference.

“Family-owned and managed by individuals who know the importance of quality meat, the warm customer service and passion for great food is reflected in the taste of every bite.

Our four food truck locations and spectacular restaurants are designed to showcase the amazing selection of meats, side dishes, desserts and more!

We welcome you to experience El Toro Loco Churrascaria for yourself, and are confident it will become your favorite spot each time you crave juicy meat that is cooked just right!